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Food Service & Beverage Programs

Atlantic Dominion Distributors offers a wide variety of food service items that are designed for simple implementation by store personnel and are portion controlled to reduce waste. There are a wide variety of equipment and display solutions that allow for optimum sales to space with maximum visibility to increase sales to your customers. Many of the equipment offerings costs are offset by our food service suppliers through the allowance of free product. Be sure to ask your Atlantic Dominion Sales Representative about these special programs.

Merchandising & New Store Planning

Our merchandising team can provide all the tools, supplies and manpower to get your store up and running or to completely change your current stores look. Armed with sales data and product popularity reports for your trading area, an optimum product mix is determined to plan o gram your store. Our manufacturing and supplier partners offer annual incentives and support through or Dominion Club membership to earn you maximum dollars for your valuable retail space.

Edi & Ordering Technology

Atlantic Dominion offers a multiple of order and replenishment systems. Complete Edi functionality in all aspects of e- commerce using approved UCC standards. Customers have the ability to scan in totes and receive goods into their back office inventory management systems with each delivery and establish replenishment models. Also available are more sophisticated field order devices with the technology to order suggest , advise of specials, check retails, print shelf tags, verify retails and gross margins and view past order history. Our goal is to have the proper order quantities being delivered to your stores using the simplest user friendly method of ordering.

Sales Representative Support

We offer sales rep support at your location to help grow your sales and ensure all opportunities are uncovered. With over 10,000 items, our sales reps will help you recognize where increased sales potential exist. They are available to keep you up to date with new items, current trends and manufacturers programs to optimize your sales.



Annual Trade Show

Partners Rewards Incentive

Food & Beverage Expo

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