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Established in 1875, Atlantic Dominion Distributors has always been your go-to source for refreshments, snacks, and convenience; you just never knew it until now. Leroy W. Davis originally founded the Old Dominion Tobacco Company as a cigar manufacturing establishment to supply retail stores with fine quality handmade cigars.

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Personalized service, store planning, order advice, and advanced technological insights make Atlantic Dominion Retail Distributors your one-stop-shop for your one-stop-shop. Browse our catalogue of 10,000+ products and receive your order in record time.

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All of our vending machines & delivery drivers are equipped with the latest technological advances to ensure accuracy, convenience, and efficiency. We’ll ensure that your machine is always stocked with the most profitable snacks for your location.

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Keep up with Atlantic Dominion, our manufacturers, machines, and monthly specials.

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