Food, Grocery, Tobacco, and Beverage Distribution in North Carolina

Atlantic Dominion Distributors is the 16th largest convenience store distributor in the United States. We serve merchants all over North Carolina and beyond offering high quality products and exceptional customer service.

To become an Atlantic Dominion customer, please contact our distribution offices in North Carolina at one of our toll-free numbers listed below.

If you are a current Atlantic Dominion customer please contact our Customer Service Department at 757-497-1001.

Carolina Division


Phone Number(910) 424-2292


Toll Free Number(800) 682-1027


Fax(910) 424-2789

North Carolina’s one-stop distributor for convenience stores.

Established in 1875, Atlantic Dominion Distributors understands the importance of having a wide variety of brand-name products to offer our convenience store customers. Our track record for success has kept us competitive for close to 150 years, so you can count on us to help your business thrive as well.

Food and groceries.

Convenience stores are important to customers looking for a quick way to get the supplies they need at a competitive price. As one of the best food distributors in North Carolina, we’re here to help you keep those customers coming back to you time and again. From fresh produce to frozen meals, we’re well known as one of the top-tier retail store suppliers and grocery store distributors in North Carolina, and we’re ready to serve you.


Convenience store suppliers understand that beverage services are a major profit center for convenience stores. We are one of the largest beverage distributors in North Carolina, offering both packaged and dispensed beverages for our North Carolina clients. From fountain drinks and coffee to energy drinks, a full line of carbonated beverages, and bottled water, our next-day delivery service keeps your store well stocked on everything you need without cluttering your storage area.


Founded as the Old Dominion Tobacco Company, Atlantic Dominion Distributors has one of the largest selections of tobacco distribution products in the country, which also makes us one of the top cigarette tobacco suppliers in North Carolina. When searching for tobacco distribution services, you need a supplier that can provide everything your customers need from cigarettes to premium cigars, chewing tobacco, loose tobacco to a full-range of smoking supplies such as lighters, ashtrays and more.

Delivering quality to enhance your store supply.

Atlantic Dominion Distributors understands the importance of having a wide variety of products at your convenience store. This is why we offer a swift and next-day delivery to keep your shelves well-stocked.