5 Reasons Why Direct Store Delivery is Beneficial

Direct Store Delivery

Your supply chain partners have a direct influence on your business’s profitability. With direct store delivery, you can increase your profits and make a long-lasting impression on your customers. While some grocery store distributors may not participate in this supply chain model, Atlantic Dominion Distributors is a food distribution company that goes above and beyond for its clients. We work to ensure you have all the tools you need to be successful. That’s why we offer direct store delivery for businesses in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Read more on how direct store delivery can benefit your business below. 

What is Direct Store Delivery?

In the supply chain, the distributors are often the middle man between wholesalers and retailers. Wholesalers will purchase products and goods from a manufacturer and keep them stored in a warehouse until it is delivered to a retailer. Direct delivery is an alternative to this supply chain model that skips the wholesale distributor. Instead, the grocery store distributor picks up the food/goods from the manufacturer and deliveries them directly to the retail store. 

Why is Direct Store Delivery Important?

There are various reasons that direct store delivery is important to retailers. This streamlined supply chain choice can be a cost-effective solution for many retailers and businesses. Some of the reasons for this include a reduction in spending, better care for fragile/perishable goods, quicker supply chain delivery, and improvements to customer satisfaction. 


As goods go through every step of the supply chain, the price of these goods increases. Each business within the supply chain is attempting to make a profit. As a result, the cost of the goods increases to ensure this occurs. By eliminating an entire step in the process, you are eliminating the amount of money spent on the goods. Instead of paying for the manufacturing, wholesaling, and distributing costs, you are only paying for the manufacturing and distributing. This can help decrease spending and increase your overall profit margin.

Prevents Spoiling

Many perishable goods, such as fruits, veggies, milk, eggs, etc., can spoil during the shipping and storage process. Then, by the time the goods make it to your store, they are no longer able to be sold or very close to their expiration date. This can take a toll on your overall profits. With direct store delivery, the perishable goods don’t spend any time with a wholesale distributor. Instead, they come directly to your store—fresh and ready to be sold. 

Reduces Breaking

In addition to perishable goods, fragile goods can also benefit from direct store delivery. Objects that contain glass, ceramic, or plastic can easily break in the shipping process. Similarly, storing these objects in a warehouse subjects them to an increased chance of accidental damage as they are repeatedly loaded and unloaded into a truck. With direct delivery, the products and goods are loaded into a truck at the manufacturer and delivered directly to the retailer—limiting opportunities for breakage.


Since the consumer goods are delivered directly to the retailer, this limits the amount of time spent in the shipping process. For stores where turnover is high, this can be incredibly beneficial because it ensures that there is always inventory available. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

As a direct result of all the benefits mentioned above, retailers will likely experience a higher customer satisfaction rating. Customers will come to rely on your store to have inventory consistently available with the best possible quality. This can create dedicated, loyal customers that regularly shop at your store—increasing your profit margin. 

Utilize Atlantic Dominion’s Direct Store Delivery Services

Are you interested in taking advantage of direct store delivery? Are your convenience stores located in Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina? Utilize Atlantic Dominion’s direct store delivery services. Atlantic Dominion is a wholesale grocery distributor. We have been in the distribution business for over a century, and our business model demonstrates why we have been able to do this. We go above and beyond for our clients, offering several services that directly benefit and help your business grow. 

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