An Increased Demand For Energy Drinks in 2020

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The demand for energy drinks has continued to climb since 1987 when Red Bull was first introduced as an “energy drink.” Boasting 111 milligrams of caffeine and high doses of B vitamins, which are the building blocks of healthy body and have a direct impact on energy levels, Red Bull provided a new alternative to coffee and sugary soft drinks that were the previous “go-tos” for people looking for a little boost to start their day, to make it through the afternoon, or to get pumped up before an intense workout.

Today, there are a number of different manufacturers offering energy drinks. As the demand continues to be high, others will most likely follow. However, people are looking for more from their energy drink than just a way to get a jolt of caffeine. They are looking for a product that gives them additional health benefits on top of mental and physical stimulation provided by caffeine and other stimulant compounds.

5-hour Energy shots is one good example. In addition to caffeine, it contains essential B vitamins that help the body convert food into energy (metabolism), a number of cell-building amino acids that are popular with workout enthusiasts, as well as malic acid that is supposed to help in the process of converting carbohydrates into energy. Giving it one further advantage over competitive energy drinks is the fact that 5-hour Energy shots come in 2-ounce packages, they contain no sugar, and they only have four calories per bottle. So in addition to being extremely portable and convenient to carry in your pocket, briefcase, gym bag, or purse, you also don’t need to ingest a large amount of fluid right before getting ready to do a workout.

As the energy drink market continues to evolve, Atlantic Dominion Distributors will monitor consumer trends to make sure our convenience store clients are offering what the people want. Of course, it’s always good to maintain a strong product mix because even though one product is currently trending higher than another, there is still a high demand for the other products. We can help you develop a product mix that best suits your demographics, always keeping the size of your store and available shelf space in mind as part of the overall equation.