Beverage distribution strategies for emerging brands


Despite the fact that people are busier than ever these days, most consumers still tend to seek out healthy options when it comes to what they eat and drink. This is especially true for fitness enthusiasts who are trying to juggle family and careers while also trying to carve out enough time to get in a daily workout.

 Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (VPX) is one company that has taken note of this and has developed a series of energy and fitness-targeted drinks and products to provide people on the go with a quick way to enhance their performance, sharpen their focus, and boost their stamina. One branch of these beverages is branded under the name “Bang.”  Bang® offers a series of different types of drinks for different purposes:

  • Some are targeted at weight loss;
  • Some to boost energy prior to workouts.

Beverage Supply for Convenience Stores

As a convenience store owner, emerging brands like Bang® are a match made in heaven when it comes to advancing your product offerings. People who are on the go enjoy the expediency and accessibility your store provides. They also appreciate having an alternative to sugary soft drinks when it comes to an energy-enhancing drink that can conveniently be consumed in the car on the way to the gym or an early morning meeting.

 In addition, if your store stays open later than retail grocery stores, you’ll be able to accommodate an entire population of consumers that traditionally keep longer hours and need a go-to place that satisfies their immediate needs. Also, considering that fitness enthusiasts are a very social and tight-knit group, just imagine the word-of-mouth advertising your store will get when one person sees another drinking a Bang® product and wants to know where they got it.

Bang & Other Beverage Distributors 

Atlantic Dominion Distributors continuously watches for emerging trends that will add more bang to your bottom line. We’ll carry on looking for new product lines you can include with your tried-and-true performers to provide you with the best mix of offerings available, based on consumer preferences. Giving the people what they want when they want it has been the secret to our success since 1875.