Boost Morning Sales By Offering A Grab-N-Go Sandwich

Grab-N-Go Sandwich

The morning time is a prime time frame to increase sales. Customers are already out and about, getting ready for their day, and preparing for what is in store. Make sure they have everything they need for a productive day by offering grab-n-go sandwiches. Not only are grab-n-go sandwiches ideal for morning breakfast choices, but you can ensure your customers have something for lunch before they head out. As a convenience store distributor, Atlantic Dominion Distributors has helped several convenience stores increase their revenue with a wide selection of sandwich offerings. See how we can help your business grow by reading on.

The Importance of Morning Sales

As a convenience store distributor, we have seen how many breakfast items and sandwiches our clients sell on a regular basis. The importance of morning sales can not be overstated. Mornings are the time frame when people are waking up, starting their day, and getting ready for the rest of the day. When it comes to sales, this is a great time to make sure they have everything they would need during the day. Many customers will purchase not only their breakfast but a snack and lunch for later in the day too. That is why morning sales are so essential. 

Boost Sales with Grab-n-Go Sandwiches

Now, imagine you are getting ready for your day—what do you pick up at the convenience store? More than likely, you grab a cup of coffee, a breakfast sandwich, and a baked good. Now, imagine the convenience store near you doesn’t have breakfast sandwiches. What do you do? Well, if you are like me, you go to another store or stop in a drive-thru to pick one up. 

Breakfast sandwiches help customers power through the morning fog and get their metabolism started for the day. By offering sandwiches, you can increase your sales significantly. In addition, many customers will grab everything they need for the day at once, and offering easy on-the-go sandwiches for lunch can also increase sales. We like to call that—killing two birds with one stone.

Types of Grab-n-Go Sandwiches

There are two different types of sandwiches you can offer your customers. They are the breakfast sandwiches and the lunch sandwiches. Offering both will increase sales, and offering on-the-go options can increase sales even more.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches are a staple morning meal. There are a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches you can choose from. Our favorites include bacon, egg, cheese croissants, and sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits. But there are numerous combinations you can offer customers and various types they will enjoy. At Atlantic Dominion, we offer more than 200 sandwiches and deli items including Oscar Myer, Mom’s, Big Az, and Jimmy Dean.

Lunch Sandwiches

Similarly, lunch sandwiches can increase morning sales as customers prepare for the rest of their day. With lunch sandwiches, the offerings can be far more diverse, and many customers have varying tastes. Some customers have dietary restrictions you will need to be mindful of, but as long as you offer something, your sales will increase. At Atlantic Dominion we carry Deli Express, Hot Pockets, Tyson Foods, and Lunchables.

Other Offerings to Boost Morning Sales

While sandwiches are a staple breakfast item, they are not the only option you can provide your customers. Many customers have a sweet tooth in the morning and seek out baked goods to add to their morning rotation. As a convenience store supplier, Atlantic Dominion offers a wide range of grab-n-go options that can boost morning sales, such as muffins, danishes, donuts, cinnamon rolls, and more. Don’t limit yourself to sandwiches—think outside the box.

A Wholesale Food Distributor that Cares—Atlantic Dominion Distributors

With the number of bread options, meat choices, and cheese availability, choosing the right sandwiches can seem daunting; but Atlantic Dominion is here to help. We want to help increase your morning sales and make you a more profitable business. That’s why at Atlantic Dominion Distributors we offer a range of services designed to increase your profit margin. By monitoring previous sales, offering rebates and incentives, and identifying market trends, the Atlantic Dominion team can provide you with tailored solutions that increase your revenue. 

Choose a wholesale food distributor that cares about your success – Atlantic Dominion Distributors. Call us at (757) 497-1001 or contact us online to see what options are available and how we can help your business grow.