Boost Their Energy – Boost Your Sales

Hot Filter Coffee

Caffeine is the fuel that gets most people going in the morning and keeps them running throughout the day. In fact, Americans drink approximately 400 million cups of coffee each day, which equates to 146 billion cups of coffee consumed per year in the United States. And while coffee is the preferred choice of caffeine drinkers, warmer weather might make it difficult for some coffee achievers to enjoy a steaming hot cup of java on an equally hot spring or summer day. Iced coffee is an acceptable alternative for some, but many find that as the ice melts quickly on a warm day, it starts to dilute the flavor of their favorite cooling caffeine beverage.

Energy drink manufacturers came to realize very quickly that caffeine drinkers needed a better solution than the limitations offered by coffee or tea alone. They developed a way to deliver the caffeine fix that people want, with a conveniently portable option that also helped to quench thirsts on warm, humid days. Brands such as Bang, Monster, and Red Bull are some of the exceptionally popular names on the market and continue to grow their consumer bases.

To “sweeten” the deal for consumers, energy drinks offer more than just a caffeine boost. For example, Red Bull contains sugar, 111 milligrams of synthetic caffeine, B vitamins that are known for their energy boosting properties, and the amino acid Taurine. Monster contains sucrose, glucose, 86 milligrams of caffeine, amino acids, and a variety of other ingredients intended to boost energy and physical performance. Bang contains Creatine (which helps to create energy during heavy-lifting or high-intensity exercise), a whopping 300 milligrams of caffeine, amino acids, B vitamins, as well as electrolytes to help with dehydration.

Obviously, having the right mix of caffeine-enriched and energy-boosting products is going to help you reach the greatest number of caffeine-consuming customers. Atlantic Dominion Distributors has everything you need to tap into this growing market so you can help your customers boost their energy levels while you increase your sales. Contact us and let’s discuss the best way to maximize your inventory to help you make a successful transition from cold-weather drinks to warm-weather caffeine products.