Bringing Sweet Snacks To The C-Store Consumers

Sweet snacks in store

Sweet and salty snacks are among the largest sellers at convenience stores in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina markets. From cookies to candy to everything in between, convenience store shoppers are bound to come looking for a sweet treat to soothe their cravings. So, why not provide them with the variety they want and deserve? Atlantic Dominion is a wholesale food distributor that works with convenience stores in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Discover how a quality distributor can help your business grow, work with Atlantic Dominion and bring sweet snacks to your convenience store consumers. 

Stack Your Convenience Store on The Sweetest Treats

As any convenience store owner will inform you, salty and sweet snacks are top sellers. Individuals looking to assuage their cravings and sweet tooth will stop by a convenience store and pick up the first thing that calls to them. Make sure you have a wide variety of things for them to choose from. Some individuals like baked goods to satisfy their cravings, while others want the satisfying crunch of candy. Plus, you can’t forget the kids and teens looking for a fun, sweet treat. 

At Atlantic Dominion Distributors, we carry a wide variety of sweet treats—from Mrs. Fields cookies to cotton candy and giant gummy bears we have the inventory to assuage any sweet tooth. Here is a list of some popular items we carry as a food distribution company.

  • JJ’s Bakery Pies
  • Themed Candy Dispensers (Minions, Star Wars, Baby Shark, Marvel, etc.)
  • Prarie City Ooey Gooey Butter Cakes
  • eFrutti
  • Hershey’s Chocolates
  • Cotton Candy
  • Giant Gummy Bears
  • Mrs. Fields Cookies
  • Ne-Mo
  • Mars/Dove Chocolates
  • Mrs. Freshley
  • Meiji
  • Hostess
  • Brownie Baker

We Always Have Great Deals

At Atlantic Dominion, we work directly with manufacturers and various brands, which allows us to take advantage of several rebates and savings opportunities. Instead of pocketing those savings for ourselves, we pass them on to our customers—ensuring that you always get the best deal available. Our newsletter followers are constantly updated with some of the great deals we have available, providing them with the opportunity to stock up on sweet treats, snacks, and more. Some of the recent deals we had include:

  • $0.50 off per box of Meiji’s YanYan treats
  • $0.70 off per box of Meiji Chocorooms
  • $0.45 off per box of Prarie City Ooey Gooey Butter Cakes
  • $4.65 off per tray of themed candy dispensers 
  • $0.60 off per box of JJ’s Bakery pies

You could take advantage of all these fantastic deals by joining our newsletter and making Atlantic Dominion a part of your convenience store food distribution team. 

Take Advantage of All We Offer

Not only we provide our customers with all the best convenience store snacks and deals, but we also go above and beyond for our customers. By partnering with us, convenience stores have access to all of the expert advice and advanced technology that we offer. When you choose to work with us, you are assigned a personal sales representative that will get to know you and your business. This personalized approach allows us to help you determine what the right business moves are for your convenience store. 

Need to know how to organize your floor? Want to know what food is selling? Want insight into what your customers are looking for? Atlantic Dominion can help you with it all. So, by partnering with Atlantic Dominion, you are gaining more than just a food distribution company; you are getting a lifelong business partner. 

Atlantic Dominion—More Than A Food Distributor

Atlantic Dominion Distributor has been serving the Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina regions for more than a century. The many convenience stores to which we distribute, turn to us as a reliable source of industry trends and insight into their shoppers. With all of the benefits we offer, it is easy to see why so many businesses thrive when they choose Atlantic Dominion as their wholesale food distributor in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Call us today at (800) 468-6612 or visit us online to see how partnering with Atlantic Dominion can help your business grow.