Convenience Store Trends Leading the Way For 2019


The word “trend” is unfortunately often misused in place of the word “fad.” However, a fad is something that is generally very popular in the market, quickly embraced by the masses, but often on a short-lived basis. Something that is trending, on the other hand, generally refers to something that is developing or changing, which can take place over extended periods of time.

For example, vaping and e-cigarette products and accessories are not necessarily new, but they continue to trend upward this year in popularity and sales. Viewed by the non-smoking population as an acceptable alternative to real tobacco products, smokers are turning more to vapor devices and e-cigarettes. Users can continue to “smoke” without some of the social constraints experienced by traditional cigarette smoking.

Following the trend for healthier lifestyles, people on the run are still looking for viable snacks and foods they can “grab and go” without slowing down. Yogurt is one popular item that fits the bill for people looking for an easy breakfast option, while things like beef jerky, granola mixes, and power bars serve as quick lunches or daytime snacks that can be easily transported without the need for refrigeration or the use of utensils. They can buy it in the morning when they come in for coffee or gas, put it in the pocket, and grab it when the hunger hits.

And while people are looking for quick alternatives to more complicated meals, one of the biggest trends for convenience stores this year is the introduction of “deli counters” that provide quick lunches that are fresh and made to order. By creating a small space where customers can order the sandwich of their choice, convenience stores are cashing in with add-ons such as soft drinks/fruit juices/bottled water and/or pre-packed desserts like fruit pies or other sweet snacks to complete the meal. It’s fast, it’s convenient, and it satisfies the buyer’s desires.

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