Convenience Store Trends To Watch For In 2020

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Many of the convenience store trends to watch for 2020 were released before anyone knew the COVID-19 pandemic was a threat or would have such a devastating impact on local, state, national, and global economies. However, a few of those trends may actually provide growth opportunities for convenience store owners because of the virus. Here are a couple:

– Mobile Ordering: Even before coronavirus became a household name, ordering online for delivery or curbside pickup was gaining momentum in almost every retail channel. For convenience store owners, this is a fantastic opportunity to put technology to work, opening a new level of convenience and having a way to communicate with customers digitally. Prior to online ordering, many convenience stores did not have any kind of loyalty program in place to provide the data needed to produce customized specials for each customer and to open additional marketing opportunities through emails, in-app messages, text messaging (SMS), push notifications, and others.

– Tap Convenience: For customers who shop in-store, having a mobile wallet option on their smartphone is one additional way for them to stay protected from the virus by not needing to touch the keypad at checkout. By simply tapping their phone on the card reader at your register counter, they can feel more safe making purchases at your store.

Two other trends that were predicted for 2020 may also still have value despite the pandemic:

– Food Service: A 2019 GasBuddy survey showed 43 percent of millennials regularly purchased food from convenience stores on a weekly basis. Grab-and-go convenience may become even more important for people looking for a quick breakfast or lunch option rather than waiting in long lines at fast-food restaurants while lobbies remain closed and drive-thrus are the only option.

– Healthy Options: The trend for ‘better-for-you” food options is not new, but it does continue to move forward. It will be especially important now as people still want convenience but do not want to compromise on quality or healthy benefits from their food and beverage options.

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