Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and How It Works

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Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a method of delivering products from a supplier/distributor directly to a retail store, thereby bypassing a retailer’s distribution center. Using this model, delivery drivers manage the reordering/stocking of high-turnover items, as well as setting up and removing merchandising displays, which helps to free up store personnel to serve customers. It also saves the retailer from having to hire extra help to do these tasks, thus saving money. The retailer can then pass those savings down to their customers. Here are some of the other benefits retailers can enjoy from DSD:

  • Volume. Direct Store Delivery eliminates the need to warehouse products, which eliminates the need to have a storage facility, the expense of paying people to work there, and the overhead costs of heating, cooling, electricity, etc. This is especially important for frozen products, like ice cream, that require an entirely different warehouse that has freezer units.
  • Control. For fragile products like cookies, crackers, chips, etc., the extra step of shipping a product from a manufacturer to a distribution center, then shipping it again to a retailer, doubles the chances that the product will get damaged along the way. Eliminating the distribution center aspect also lowers shelf-tag and scanning errors.
  • Freshness. Some products have a limited shelf life, like dairy products. By eliminating the middle step, retailers can enjoy fresher products that will have more time in the stores before expiring.
  • Weight. Heavy items, such as bottled water and soda, produce higher transportation costs. By eliminating one leg of the shipping, Direct Store Delivery helps to lower those expenses.

Atlantic Dominion Distributors has been in business since 1875. We currently provide convenience and retail stores with an inventory that contains more than 10,000 different items. We are the 16th largest convenience store distributor in the United States, and we excel at providing refreshments, snacks, and tobacco products to those we serve.

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