Expand Your Breakfast Offering With Hostess

Breakfast With Hostess

As a convenience store or grocery store owner, you have likely noticed an increase in sales in the morning. Workers heading into work, drivers stopping for a morning coffee, and kids on their way to school will stop and pick up a quick breakfast. You can increase your sales and boost your profit by expanding the number of breakfast offerings you have. As a food distribution company, Atlantic Dominion has access to company products that are great options for on-the-go breakfast eaters. Hostess Brands has an extensive selection to choose from.

Importance of Offering Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It starts your metabolism for the day and gives you a much-needed calorie boost to start your morning. For many people, sitting down and having a large breakfast is not a possibility, so quick on-the-go breakfast options have become increasingly popular. For convenience stores and grocery stores, on-the-go breakfast offerings are a must-have. The following options are available through your local Hostess food distributor.

Breakfast with Hostess

Hostess Brands is a popular bakery company in the United States notorious for their snack cakes such as Twinkies, HoHos, Ding Dong, and Sno Ball. In addition to their delicious snack cakes, Hostess offers muffins, danishes, donuts, and more for on-the-go breakfast eaters. 

Muffins, Danishes, and Donuts

Whether you are looking for a quick pack of mini muffins to snack on, or a jumbo muffin to fill your stomach, Hostess offers various flavors that are sure to fill you up. Flavors include blueberry or chocolate chip mini muffins. While jumbo muffin flavors include banana, blueberry, and double chocolate.

In addition to muffins, Hostess offers a range of danish options with different combinations of berry and cheese flavors. There is also an apple cinnamon danish for those of you with more of a sweet tooth in the morning. 

If danishes don’t suit your breakfast tastes, why not pick up a donut? Hostess offers large and small packs of donettes as well as jumbo donettes. Each comes in delicious flavors including powdered sugar, chocolate frosted, glazed, strawberry, double chocolate, and more.

Looking to expand your breakfast offering to include more? Hostess also offers coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, and jumbo honey buns to satisfy your customers’ appetites. 

New Breakfast Offerings

Hostess recently unveiled a new line of baked goods which are ideal breakfast options. A number of food distribution companies now carry this line of breakfast products which include Muff’n Stix, Pecan Spins, Baby Bundts, and Boost Donuts. This new line is available through a trusted grocery store distributor.

Muff’n Stix comes in a single-serve three count or a pack of 18. They fall between a mini muffin and jumbo muffin size so they are the ideal on-the-go option. With chocolate chip and blueberry to choose from, your customers will walk away happy.

Pecan Spins is a twist on the classic cinnamon roll that Hostess is known for. With the addition of pecans sprinkled on top, this breakfast treat can keep you full for longer.

Baby Bundts are a miniature version of a bundt cake. They feature a signature hole in the middle of the cake and come in lemon drizzle and cinnamon swirl flavors.

Finally, Boost Donuts is a new addition that will blow your mind. These donuts come infused with caffeine and are offered in caramel macchiato and chocolate mocha flavors. Not only are you getting a breakfast treat, but you are also getting a morning cup of coffee too! 

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