How Grocery Retailers Can Beat The Heat?

Pouring cold brew iced coffee in glass cup with ice cubes

Spring has certainly been a rollercoaster ride of warm and cool temperatures, but you can certainly count on the fact that a steady slew of hot weather is on the way in the very near future. Grocery distributors like Atlantic Dominion Distributors that serve Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina are geared up and ready to assist their grocery retail consumers meet the demand of cold drinks and frozen products their customers will soon be craving to keep things cool during the warmer weather.


It’s good to stay hydrated

On a swelteringly hot day, nothing hits the spot better than an ice-cold drink. Atlantic Dominion Distributors offers a full line of thirst-quenching products to meet every customer demand. From fountain drinks poured over ice and a wide selection of bottled sodas and water, to sports drinks that help to replace lost electrolytes and healthy options such as juices, we are a one-stop shop for everything you need to help you and your customers beat the heat. For those heading to the gym after a long day at the office (or home office), chilled power drinks help to get psyched up to do a little more sweating when hitting the streets or the gym.


Other ways to keep your cool

Fluids are essential on a hot day, but that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the options we can provide to keep your customers chilly.

  Icy Treats: Individually wrapped ice cream bars and popsicles, ice cream and frozen yogurt available in various-sized containers, frozen candy bars, and more…when your customers want a sweet treat to lower their core temperature and satisfying their hunger, there’s nothing like a portable treat on a stick or a little something to keep in the freezer at home for a quick snack or dessert after dinner.

  Libations: After a hard day at work, some people enjoy a nice, cold beer, seltzer, or wine spritzer to melt away the pressures of the day. We can provide you with all of the drinks of choice, as well as the ice they may want to throw in the coolers or their glasses to keep things cold and frosty.

  Frozen Dinners: People aren’t going to eat a frozen meal to keep cool, but they also don’t want to cook anything in the oven that would make their air conditioner work harder than it needs to. Microwaveable meals provide a quick, delicious, and nutritious option without needing to heat the kitchen to 350 degrees. And since people are increasingly particular about the meals they eat or serve their families, we have plenty of different options that are protein-rich, gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian options.

  Ready-Made: Soup is great for the cooler months, but there’s nothing like a cold-cut sub or sandwich for lunch or dinner on a hot summer day that’s ready to eat and easily transportable.


We have everything you and your customers need

Beat the heat with everything grocery distributors in Virginia, store distributors in North Carolina, and grocery supply distributors near South Carolina can provide. In addition to a huge portfolio of the products of name-brand and popular products your customers desire, we also offer next-day delivery without needing to dedicate warehouse space for the inventory you’ll need to keep your customers cool when the temperatures are rising.