How Can Distribution Services Help Your Food Business?

Food Distribution Services

The food distribution industry is complex and ever-changing. However, when you partner with the right wholesale food distributor, you never have to worry about lost profits, low stock, or low-quality food. Partner with Atlantic Dominion Distributors to discover how much committed food distribution services can help your business grow.

How Do Food Distribution Services Work?

In the food distribution cycle, wholesale food distributors act as the intermediary between producers and manufacturers and the grocery stores, convenience stores, businesses, etc., that sell them to the consumers. Grocery store distributors purchase products directly from the producer or the manufacturer and then store them in a warehouse or transport them to the grocery stores. This distribution method centralizes the transportation and storage of goods and makes it easier for cities, towns, businesses, etc., to find and order food. Food service businesses such as grocery stores, convenience stores, businesses, etc., then purchase the food directly from the distributor. 

Benefits of Partnering with a Wholesale Food Distributor

Food distribution services require businesses to work with a local distributor to purchase food for their stores. While businesses can choose to purchase from the manufacturer or producer, this can present some obstacles and challenges that are best avoided. And in some cases, manufacturers will only sell to distributors in order to keep an ongoing streamline of distribution. It is for these reasons and others that partnering with a distributor is beneficial.

Quality Control

One of the most significant benefits of working with distributors is the built-in quality control. Instead of purchasing directly from a producer, the business purchases from the distributor—allowing for a middleman to inspect and ensure the products are of high quality. Without the distributor as a go-between, the business can be saddled with a bad batch of veggies, fruits, or expired foods that cannot be returned. Instead, the distributor takes on that cost, savings the business time and money.

Outsourcing of Transportation and Storage

In addition to quality control, businesses can benefit from the transportation and storage of goods provided by distributors. Instead of having to invest in transportation and storage costs—warehouse space, freezers, trucks, fridges, employees, etc.—the business can focus on serving its customers. This decreases the overall overhead costs for running a business and allows you to spend more time on the things you do best. 

Discover Niche Products

Similarly, distribution companies have intel on various new and existing products that are popular in your region. This can be new products entering the market (such as seasonal offerings) or other niche products. For example, consumers have a wide range of dietary needs, and when you partner with a wholesale food distribution company, you can ensure that their needs are met. This can include finding non-dairy products, gluten-free options, vegan/vegetarian options, organic choices, etc. 

Streamline Orders 

Outside of niche products, food distribution services can also streamline the ordering process and provide you with the best deals available. Some wholesale distributors have the technological capabilities to store your previous orders, order amounts, sale price, etc. With this information, you can easily re-order the same products or adjust the number of products you purchase. Similarly, manufacturers frequently have deals or rebates that distributors can take advantage of. These savings are then passed onto the businesses, providing them access to various savings.

Stay In Stock

With the same technology that helps to streamline orders, convenience store distributors also can help you stay in stock on all your popular products. These systems allow the distributor to determine how frequently you order and what products are most popular with your customers. With this information, they can determine which products you need to purchase more of and which ones you can scale back on. 

Why Choose Atlantic Dominion?

When you need a high-quality, caring distribution team, you can rely on the staff at Atlantic Dominion. Atlantic Dominion Distributors is one of the top grocery store and convenience store distributors in the southeast region. We have been in business for over 100 years, which shows in our dedication and commitment to our customers. Our team goes above and beyond—helping you determine which products to sell, what to sell them at, and how to ensure you gain a profit.

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