How Convenience Stores Can Increase Pump-to-Store Sales


Technology is making it easier for convenience store adopters to reach their intended audiences. Things like geofencing advertising make it simple to send messages to smartphone owners when they are within a defined area. Which means convenience store owners can shoot a quick ad message to anyone who is in the proximity of their store. This is a great tool to reach customers at your gas pumps to let them know that you have an exclusive deal of some sort waiting for them inside, based on the demographics you’re trying to reach.

However, sometimes some of the simpler methods are still the most effective. Providing a discount for paying for gas fill-ups with cash serves two very good purposes. First, the customers must come into the store to pay. By having attractive impulse-buy items waiting for them at the point-of-sale increases your chances that they will purchase something in addition to their gasoline. Second, because credit and debit card companies charge interchange fees for every transaction, credit card and ATM purchases are actually costing you money. The discount you offer on cash-only purchases can more than make up for those fees.

Another “old school” approach is to offer a very basic rewards program to build loyalty and build greater sales opportunities. If you are targeting coffee drinkers on their way to work or school in the morning, you can promote a “buy three, get one free” punch card, or something of that nature. Again, they need to come into the store when getting their coffee, which they can easily do while they are filling up at the pump. Just be sure that you also have donuts or grab-and-go sandwiches displayed near the coffee to entice greater sales.

Advertising at the pump is also a good way to entice customers inside. If you have a place for signage that is in a visible spot while customers are filling their tanks, you have their undivided attention for at least a minute or two.

Atlantic Dominion loves our convenience store clients and we want to do everything we can to help you succeed. In addition to offering the best variety of products from well-recognized manufacturers, we hope the tips above can get more of your gas pump traffic through your doors.