How Food Distributors Can Help In Selecting The Right Items For Your Grocery Store?

Food Distributors

Whether you are first starting out or are an already established business, your grocery store distributor can help you grow and increase profits. Choosing the right distributor can drastically change the way you do business. With access to numerous statistics and trends, your food distribution company has insight into what will sell in your store and how to display it. At Atlantic Dominion Distributors, we believe our success is based on the success of our customers. That is why we offer services that help you select the right items. How do we do that? Read more to find out.

Choosing Grocery Store Items

Choosing items to sell in your grocery store can be a difficult task. How are you going to know what your customers want? How do your price correctly? What if you buy a product that doesn’t sell? All of these questions and doubts can fill your mind, paralyzing you and preventing you from making a decision. When you partner with the right food distributor, all of these questions should go away.

In general, there are a few factors you should consider when it comes to selecting grocery store items—how marketable they are, how profitable they will be, how perishable they are, and what items are popular. These key factors should help guide you to choose the best products, how many to purchase, and what to sell them at. However, if you need additional help, your wholesale food distributor should be able to help. 

How a Grocery Store Distributor Can Help

Wholesale food distributors take up a unique space in the distribution chain—oftentimes they are the middle man between manufacturers and wholesale/grocery stores. This space provides them with access to both the manufacturer and the grocery store. In this role, it is possible for a food distributor to study and determine the best food choices and items that grocery stores should choose. And discover will provide stores with the best return on their investment. 

Monitor Trends and Specials

When you work with Atlantic Dominion, you are assigned a Sales Representative who is dedicated to your success. Our team has access to products, purchase information, and pricing information that allows us to determine what products are being bought and sold in the area. With their help and the help of our Sales Merchandiser, we can identify the latest products, trends, and specials that customers are looking for. Our food distribution team will even help you plan out your store’s layout and which products are the most popular. 

Track Your Sales

In addition to monitoring local, regional, and national trends, a high-quality food distribution company should be able to access your business’s sales information. This includes your sales history, product cost, and purchase history while you have been with them. From this information, they are able to determine which products bring in the most sales and which are costing you money. This high-level view of your store allows you to make critical changes for business growth and expansion. Cutting products that don’t sell and increasing the number of products that do sell. 

Getting You the Best Deals

Many manufacturers have a number of sales and rebates occurring on a monthly basis. These programs allow retailers to purchase products at a discounted price and make even more of a profit on them. As the go-between for manufacturers and retailers, wholesale food distributors also have access to various manufacturer programs and rebates. With this knowledge, they should be able to determine what you may qualify for and how you can save money through these programs—increasing your overall profit margin. 

Best Food Distribution Company in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

At Atlantic Dominion Distributors dedicated to providing the best service for our grocery store customers. We go above and beyond when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. Atlantic Dominion is more than just a grocery store distributor, we are an extension of your business—helping you make the best data-informed decisions to grow your business. We service businesses in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina regions. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

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