How Grocery Retailers Can Grow After The World Reopens

Grocery Retailers

Even when the world “reopens” for business after the COVID-19 pandemic is put in check, and sheltering-in-place and social distancing will no longer be necessary, a majority of today’s consumers say they will continue to make purchases online. In addition, they will expect grocery retailers to continue offering the convenience of curbside pickup and delivery service, even when those customers understand they will be able to return to the shop-in-store experience.

Grocery retailers need to keep this in mind moving forward, if you want to continue to stay profitable and even grow your business. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to keep numbers moving in the right direction in the future.

  • Order Tracking:- Tracking data is essential to keep abreast of what you have in inventory and to provide your customers with a personalized shopping experience. By tracking what each individual purchases, you can email them coupons for the items they buy most frequently, to help build loyalty. If a customer wants to order an item that is out of stock, you’ll also need an automated way to let them know when it will be available if they want to alter their pickup or delivery date to include the complete order.
  • Order Options:- Online ordering is a major facet in how customers will buy from you in the future. Having a dedicated app is also a great idea for people who like to make online orders from their smartphones or tablets. However, don’t forget that some people still may not be tech-savvy and might want to order ahead by calling you directly instead of shopping online. Be sure your technology is up to speed to handle orders in any way they come in.
  • Order Pickup:- Home delivery will most likely remain popular in the future. If you simply cannot offer that as an option, upgrade your curbside pickup service so that customers can pay in advance and let you know when they’ll be stopping by for their order. Keep a dedicated space in your store for online orders that have been pulled and assembled, and be sure to maintain dedicated spots in your parking lot for curbside customers.

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