How much space should you divide between candy, salty snacks, and sweet snacks?

Candy and Snacks in Convenience Store

Organizing the flow of your convenience store in order to optimize salty and sweet snack sales is a balancing act. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with options, but you want to make everything easy to find and see. Thankfully, with the help of Atlantic Dominion Distributors—a convenience store distributor—you can organize your store in a way that increases profit and pleases your customers. 

Importance of Organizing Candy, Sweet Snacks, and Salty Snacks 

When you are first opening up a convenience store, you may be struggling with how to organize it. You will want to organize it in a way that doesn’t hurt your cash flow, while also offering a good experience for your customers. 

In order to run a successful convenience store, you will need to keep track of the inventory you order and accurately predict the inventory that goes out. To do this, you can organize your inventory in a way that leads to more sales. 

This is particularly important when organizing candy, sweet snacks, and salty snacks. Many people come to convenience stores to grab a quick snack before heading back out on the road. A lot of your sales will come from this section of your store. For this reason, having an easy-to-navigate snack aisle is paramount.

How To Divide Candy And Snacks in Convenience Store

When you are deciding where to place items, make sure you are grouping them together logically. For example, how should you divide candy, salty snacks, and sweet snacks? The answer is to put them all together! 

If a customer is coming in to pick up some snacks, chances are they may want one salty and one sweet snack. Placing all of these items in the same aisle but separated into sweet and salty areas is a great way to group your items together. 

When organizing the salty and sweet snacks aisle, it is important that you don’t place them all over the place, but in a strategic way. Place personal-sized candy bars in one section and then transition them into sweet snacks. Then from small, sweet snacks, you can transition to larger bag-sized items of candy and sweets. 

From there, you can place salty snacks such as bags of chips, peanuts, and pretzels. This creates a smooth transition from sweet and salty all in the same aisle. Your customers will find all of their favorite snacks right in one place.

This goes for all items in your store. Place them in a way that makes the most logical sense based on use.

Spacing Out Your Candy, Salty Snacks, and Sweet Snacks

Placing all of your candy, salty snacks, and sweet snacks is a great way to boost sales of each. Now, when you are stocking your shelves how much space should you place between them? In many cases creating a clear line between the three sections will help customers find the specific snack type they are looking for. 

You will need to create clear visual lines to aid in the division of space. While there may not be a lot of space between the sections, you need to make it appear as though there is. This can include things such as choosing a different stacking method, adding a divider on the shelf that clearly states what is in the aisle.

Manage Your Salty and Sweet Snack Inventory with Convenience Store Distributors

Many new convenience store owners struggle with properly managing their salty and sweet snacks inventory. This can be difficult because many owners have difficulty predicting which items will sell and how much will sell in a month. Make sure you are tracking what is sold and how much of each product is sold during the day, week, and month. This will give you an accurate picture of what your customers are most likely going to purchase and how much inventory you will need. 

Another important aspect of managing your inventory is determining the correct prices. With the supply chain process, a convenience store will purchase inventory from a convenience store distributor and then mark up the prices to make a profit. Choosing a convenience store distributor who has fair prices and can provide you with the inventory you need can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

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