How Technology Helps Convenience Stores Stay Competitive

Convenience Store in VA, NC and SC

They’re called “convenience” stores for a reason. People who shop there want value, a wide variety of products, and they want to be able to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. In fact, on average, most convenience store shoppers take only three to four minutes from the time they enter the store to the time they purchase what they need and leave. Consumers are even willing to pay a premium for the convenience they receive, knowing full well they could probably get a slightly better price for what they are shopping for at the grocery or hardware store down the road. They are willing to pay a bit extra because of the location of the convenience store and because they know they will be able to get in and out quickly.

 Therefore, speed is obviously of the essence. Many consumers today embrace the idea of a mobile wallet so they can pay for purchases with just a quick tap of their smartphone, without being bothered with carrying cash or credit/debit cards. If you’re not currently set up to receive Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and/or Google Pay, you could be at risk of losing customers.

 Speaking of smartphones, geofencing is a great way to provide special offers to people who come into your store, to help you build loyalty. Geofencing basically sets up a virtual “fence” around your store, so when consumers come in they are greeted by a message from you on their smartphones that could also include a coupon for a new product you are offering or a discount on products they frequently buy.

An additional way to build loyalty with your customers and attract new prospects is to have a custom app designed that links to a rewards program. The app will allow you to maintain a constant link to your customers, providing you with a way to keep connected to them even when they aren’t physically in your store.

Atlantic Dominion Distributors is also using technology to constantly track consumer purchasing trends so we can keep you supplied with the items your customers crave. We can keep you apprised of what’s hot and what’s not to keep the product mix in your store finely tuned for maximized profits. You put the technology to work for you to bring customers in and we’ll provide the items they want to keep them coming back.