Implementing Meat Food Choices for C-Stores

Meat Food in C-store

What is your wholesale snack distributor offering you? Do they provide reliable deliveries, personalized assistance, technologically advanced systems, and cost-effective solutions to your business needs? Expect more from your c-store distributor. At Atlantic Dominion, we take the time to implement food-based solutions to increase profits, expand your customer base, and boost customer satisfaction. One of these solutions is adding meat food choices at your convenience stores.

Why Offer Meat Food Choices?

Convenience stores are designed to be just that—convenient. When someone needs a quick coffee, bathroom break, snack, or meal, they can stop at a convenience store and find what they need. To ensure your customers’ expectations are met, carrying an array of snacks and meals is always a good idea. One popular snack choice is meat food options. In a recent study of salty snack trends, Statistica learned that meat-based salty snacks—particularly pork rinds—were some of the most popular choices. Meat-based food choices are a great way to increase profits and boost your customer loyalty.

Meat-Based Food Choices

Knowing that meat-based food options are popular and knowing which options are best are two separate things. Thankfully, Atlantic Dominion has the knowledge to help you choose which ones will be a popular choice among your customers. As a c-store distributor, we have helped hundreds of businesses choose the snacks that delight their customers. With more than 300 items from top-performing manufacturers, Atlantic Dominion is the wholesale snack distributor guaranteed to provide the best-selling jerky, pork rinds, sandwiches, and other meat-based food choices.


On the list of popular meat food choices is jerky. Jerky is lean meat that is cut into strips and dehydrated to create a tasty, on-the-go treat. Popular manufacturers such as Jack Links and Slim Jim offer deliciously spiced jerky choices for a wide variety of customers. In addition to these well-known brands, Atlantic Dominion offers other jerky options to suit your budget and needs.

Pork Rinds

In addition to jerky, pork rinds are a popular salt snack that customers enjoy. Pork rinds are bite-size pieces of pig skin that are fried to crispy, crunchy perfection. Jack Links and Slim Jim also offer tasty pork rinds, but other brands such as Baken-Ets, Turkey Creek, and Tom’s are top-sellers as well. 


When your customers want a more substantive meal during the day, you can provide them with a selection of prepared sandwiches. Atlantic Dominion is a wholesale sandwich distributor on the east coast, providing tasty sandwiches to all our customers. Our sandwiches come in a range of combinations of meat, cheese, toppings, and more. Get everything from turkey, ham, beef, and more with your cheese and bread of choice. 

How These Choices Boost Sales

The products and options you offer customers will determine their loyalty and the amount of money they spend. By increasing the selection of snacks and meals you provide, customers will begin to frequent your store because they expect you to provide for them. In order to ensure more customers find and frequent your store, it is essential to offer a wide variety of food options. Since meat-based snacks are a popular choice among customers, it is safe to assume that increasing your meat food choices will increase your customer base. 

Atlantic Dominion—A Wholesale Snack Distributor

Atlantic Dominion is a wholesale grocery distributor offering snacks, sandwiches, candy, and more to convenience stores around North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. Our team of dedicated distributors takes the time to fulfill orders and ensure they arrive on time and in proper condition. When you need a knowledgeable partner for your convenience store needs, rely on us to fulfill them.  

At Atlantic Dominion, we go above and beyond for our business partners. We are offering convenience store owners a next-day delivery service to keep their shelves stocked. In addition, we offer sales analysis to target which products are selling and how to price them to get the most return on investment. Never run out of your top-selling products, and delight your customers with our dedicated service. Rely on the Atlantic Dominion team. Are you ready to discover what makes Atlantic Dominion the best wholesale c-store distributor? Contact us today!