Next-Day Delivery for Convenience Stores in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina


Convenience stores are known for offering a wide variety of products and brands for their customers. That’s one of the things that makes them so useful for people, to the point where consumers are often willing to pay a small premium for the items that they need in a one-stop-shop atmosphere.

To provide a large array of brands to several discerning kinds of customers, convenience stores must rely on their suppliers to be able to restock more popular items on a quick-turn basis. Atlantic Dominion Distributors offers next-day delivery service for our convenience store customers in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina for a number of important reasons:

  • It builds continued business– Supplying customers with the specific product and brand of that product on a routine basis makes customers more inclined to visit a store more often. They can rely on the fact that the product they want is always available.
  • Less need for inventory– Shelf space is king in convenience stores. There isn’t a lot of room to store a large amount of inventory. And even if convenience store managers did buy and bulk and had their inventory stashed away, how fresh would the products remain if it just sits in a box for months? Then there’s the added expense of a separate warehouse.
  • A larger selection– By having reliable, next-day delivery service available to them, convenience store owners can maximize the available shelf space by offering a wide variety of brands within one product category. Take cigarettes, for example. Even within a brand, you have a number of options to offer: medium, light, ultralight, menthol, smooth, king-size, 100s, hard packs, soft packs…you name it. And each customer has their preferred pick. Next day delivery service helps merchants keep every option open.

We’ve been providing the largest source of go-to products for our customers since 1875. We understand your specific needs and we understand the importance of building strong customer ties through exceptional product satisfaction and service. Even for stores located in rural areas, we understand that having a next-day delivery service is an important part of keeping your business well-stocked and profitable. We’re here to serve your needs.