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Wholesale Food Distributors

Wholesale food distributors play a vital role in keeping shelves stocked with both in-demand and hard-to-find consumer goods. This means everything from customers’ favorite brands to niche items is often sourced and supplied by an intermediary, such as Atlantic Dominion Distributors.

We are the people you partner with when you have a list of food and beverage products to stock from various manufacturers. We also handle the distribution process from storage to transport to delivery — so all you have to do is keep up with your inventory and sign on the dotted line. Of course, we’re more than just middlemen. Read on to learn more about who we are and what we do as a Food Distribution Company.

Atlantic Dominion: Then and Now

Atlantic Dominion isn’t your average food distribution company. Our business goes back generations with humble beginnings. In fact, we go so far back — to 1875 to be exact — that we got our skin in the game as a cigar manufacturing company, supplying retail stores with the finest handmade cigars. 

It wasn’t long after that we expanded our product categories to meet the needs of growing consumer demand. Ever since this early expansion, we proudly became the go-to source for snacks, refreshments, and most importantly, convenience. Now we offer well over 10,000+ different products to all levels of retail stores, vending, and more. 

We’ve become the 16th largest convenience store distributor here in the United States. We absolutely pride ourselves on providing quality products with a side of exceptional customer service while maintaining a customer-focused mentality.

Your Neighborhood Food and Beverage Distributors

We supply hundreds of convenience stores, food retailers, and grocery stores in Virginia and North and South Carolina. From chewing gum to your favorite soda brands and more, we offer an extensive catalog of products to suit all of your consumer needs. But that’s not all — we also offer next-generation vending services. We can keep your vending machines full of products from popular brands, including Kellogg, Nestle, Hostess, Kraft, and much more. 

When we say next generation, we are talking about the latest in advanced vending technology so you can create an all-in-one convenience store market for your employees or patrons with a self-checkout kiosk with various convenient ways to pay. These kiosks can fuel the people who work for you or the people you serve with health-conscience foods as well, including fruit, yogurt, salads, teas, coffee, and so on. Plus, if you’re in Virginia Beach, we can deliver CO2 refills and dry ice!

More than a Wholesale Food Distributor

We’re not just dry food distributors or beverage distributors either. As mentioned above, we have quite an extensive catalog of products and goods. This catalog includes general merchandise, such as a wide range of health and beauty products, automotive supplies, toiletries, and any other miscellaneous product you can think of! We even offer the items you need to stock your store with cleaning supplies, electronic equipment, cups, towels, and dispensers. 

Today, we offer the largest collection of tobacco products compared to every other distributor in the country. So, whether you have a cigar shop in need of premium tobacco or a convenience store in need of a range of affordable tobacco products, we’re the company you want to deliver these products to your back door.

Why You Should Make Us Your Wholesale Food Distributors

We didn’t make it this far as food and product distributors without knowing a thing or two about keeping our customers happy. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible customer service and consistently reliable deliveries above all else. Plus, it helps that we offer more than 10,000+ products ranging from food to beverages, to supplies, premium tobacco, and more. 

You should partner with us because we provide you with the personalized service and assistance needed to ensure your shelves are always stocked on time — and during emergencies — with all the goods and products your customers or employees could possibly want.

We Can Help You Plan Your Whole Store Layout

One way we go above and beyond for our partners is by offering personalized service through an assigned sales representative through our Sales Merchandiser system. From there we can help new and existing stores plan their layout to determine which products to order when getting started or when giving their store a refresh. What’s more, we can help you stay on top of the latest products and trends as well as specials. This ensures that you’re always getting a good deal while supplying your loyal customers with the products they need.

We Can Guarantee Fast Delivery

We are hyper-focused on keeping your shelves, vending machines, and office spaces stocked. That’s why we’ve built our reputation on offering deliveries that are fast, accurate, and complete. We work by establishing orders and delivery times well in advance to ensure there’s time to triple-check the orders and offer prompt deliveries to continuously keep your shelves stocked. We even employ cross-dock delivery services which reduces any direct-store delivery expenses just for your convenience.

Streamline the Entire Delivery Process

We’re always innovating our distribution processes by striving to do better. By leveraging advanced technological methods in both our ordering and distribution services — allowing you to place your order via smart devices and equipment — we’ve streamlined the entire ordering and distribution process. We can even keep track of your account with us to help you maintain your order history and more so you can manage your profits and budgets appropriately. 

Discover the Difference with Atlantic Dominion Distributors

We’re more than just wholesale food distributors. We’re your partners in growth and expansion. Contact us today to learn more about our distribution service offerings and how we can help you keep your inventory stocked at all times.