Quality is King When Stocking CBD Products

CBD Products

With the explosion in the popularity of CBD products, many retailers are looking for wholesale CBD distributors to help them add these health supplements to their inventories. But finding reputable wholesalers with effective products can be challenging.

Why is it Hard to Find Quality CBD Products?

Search on “CBD Oil” and thousands of companies will pop up, offering a dizzying array of extraction methods and formulations at different price points. Naturally, all of them claim that their products are top quality. But what does “top quality” mean exactly?

It’s an easy term to use but is often meaningless given that many CBD companies don’t invest the time and resources to find the right farmers, suppliers, and most importantly, laboratories to test the quality and safety of their products. 

Determining how CBD and hemp products are regulated is also confusing, even though the government officially made hemp legal through the 2018 Farm Bill. However, any CBD manufacturers that create false advertising about the health benefits of CBD or other ingredients used in their products are in direct violation of FDA regulations, which ensure that consumers aren’t being sold false promises about what they’re purchasing.

How can you know you’re not wasting your money? Although it’s not easy, it’s certainly not impossible to find appropriately priced products/ingredients from CBD distributors who take quality, safety, and compliance seriously.

What to Look For in a CBD Distributor

To make sure you’re dealing with reputable distributors, research is critical, so don’t skip doing your homework. Look for companies that: 

  1. Offer a full spectrum of products with consistent formulas. Consistency is the key to a product having better results. Full-spectrum CBD contains the extracts naturally found in the cannabis plant, including very small amounts of THC, the psychoactive element that causes a marijuana “high.”
  2. Also, carry THC-free (family-friendly) products. Removing THC from CBD oil is expensive, so many brands choose not to do this in order to avoid a higher price. However, since not all consumers feel comfortable buying full-spectrum products, it can be worth it to pay more and provide a non-psychoactive product option.
  3. Provide a range of delivery methods, i.e., tinctures, softgels, vapes, and salves, to best address a variety of needs.
  4. Deliver excellent customer service. Choose a distributor that’s been around long enough to seamlessly handle large orders. Dealing with a poorly run CBD distributor can result in order delays, missing inventory, and unreturned phone calls.
  5. Fits with your standards. Make sure the brands you select are a good reflection of the image you want your business to project. You can tell a lot by how products are packaged. Make sure a brand’s packaging and branding will appeal to your current and future customers.
  6. Have the appropriate pricing and product selection to satisfy your customers’ wants and needs.
  7. Demonstrates complete transparency and commitment to quality assurance. Look for companies that share third-party lab tests for their products. This will report on potency as well as possible contaminants, such as pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and residual solvents.
  8. Will provide strong marketing support. Knowledge is power! If the distributor offers brochures, samples, and product displays, it will make it a lot easier to educate your staff and customers on the benefits of CBD  products.

Check out customer reviews for potential CBD distributors, ask CBD users you know for suggestions, and make sure each company is licensed and in full compliance with all regulations. When you meet with a potential distributor, make sure to ask about their customer service policy and find out the methods they use for quality control. 

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