Sport Beverage Brands That are on The Rise

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For decades, the sport beverage market didn’t even really exist, with only one real contender filling the niche beginning as far back as 1965. However, as competitors started learning about the potential of the market and how big a share of it they could capture with very little effort, more and more “copycat” drink makers joined in, offering very little in the way of diversification.

Eventually, the sport beverage market became oversaturated and the leaders of the industry started to lose their ability to extend their profits. There was plenty of business to go around, but no one was making any gains. New thinking needed to be injected into market research to discover how they could refresh the product mixes.

At first, the diversification process simply involved adding new flavors. But as consumers started requesting “healthier” options and ready-to-drink coffee alternatives, a new breed of energy and sports drinks started to appear, offering organic materials and protein-rich formulas.

Some new entries into the market offered products that were naturally sweetened with pure cane sugar, no artificial ingredients, less sodium and more electrolytes, vitamins, and potassium than other sports drinks. Others responded with drinks that were lower in carbs, sugar, and calories.

As the market continues to evolve today, newer contenders are coming in from sports nutrition companies that offer healthier, more beneficial ingredients for athletes and people on the go. One of those entries called “Bang,” offers a combination sports/energy drink that serves up 300 mg of caffeine (although there is also a caffeine-free formula available) along with potassium, vitamins B and C, creatyl-L-Leucine (popular with bodybuilders for bulking up), and CoQ10, which is supposed to play a part in metabolism and protects cells from damage.

Atlantic Dominion Distributors has been keeping a close eye on the growth and progression of the sports beverage market and we’re constantly adding new offerings to our product mix to provide your customers with the most popular brands. In addition to our full line of soft drinks and bottled waters, we offer sports beverages such as Bang and PowerBar shakes, to appeal to a wide variety of audiences.