Spotlight on Successful Snack Retailers: How Wholesalers Contributed to Their Growth

Spotlight on Successful Snack Retailers: How Wholesalers Contributed to Their Growth

Snacking is big business in the United States, as consumers increasingly munch on various treats and confections throughout the day. According to Statista, the snack foods industry produces many products consumed daily in the U.S., with snacks and cookies accounting for more than $51 billion in retail sales and confections at more than $35 billion.

But how do snack retailers keep up with the demand and offer their customers various products? One of the key factors is the role of wholesalers, who provide snack retailers with access to different brands, categories, and innovations in the snack market.

What is a Wholesaler?

Wholesalers, or snack wholesale distributors, are the intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers, who buy products in bulk and distribute them to various outlets. Wholesalers can help snack retailers in several ways, such as:

  • Offering a one-stop shop for snack products, saving time and money for retailers who do not have to deal with multiple suppliers.
  • Providing economies of scale, which means lower prices and higher margins for retailers who can buy large quantities of products at discounted rates.
  • Introducing new products and trends to retailers, who can benefit from the wholesalers’ market research and expertise in the snack industry.
  • Supporting retailers with marketing and merchandising strategies, such as creating attractive displays, offering promotions, and providing product information and samples to customers.

3 Successful Snack Retailers and How Wholesalers Helped


Walmart, the retail titan with an impressive global presence across 27 countries, has managed to keep its snack aisles fully stocked, thanks to its wholesaler collaborations. From crunchy chips and sweet cookies to nutritious granola bars and nuts, Walmart has it all. These wholesalers not only secure the best deals but also keep Walmart updated with the latest snack trends and packaging innovations. This alliance means Walmart customers always have access to a wide assortment of snacks at affordable prices.


Target, another major player in U.S. retail with stores spread across 49 states, charms snack enthusiasts with its exclusive selection. The company’s own private label, Good & Gather, features prominently alongside other local and national brands. Their wholesalers make ordering hassle-free, offering perks like low minimums and free shipping and help in product development and merchandising. This helps Target give customers an exciting and exclusive range of snack options to choose from.

Dollar General

Dollar General, the leading dollar store chain in the U.S., sports a massive footprint with 17,000 stores across 46 states. They focus on providing affordable snack options to their budget-conscious and rural customers. Dollar General’s wholesalers supply more than just products— they offer market insights and connections to top suppliers. They also contribute to product innovation, pricing strategy, and promotion planning. This ensures Dollar General customers enjoy a cost-effective and diverse snacking experience.

The Winning Recipe: How Wholesalers Spice Up Retail Success

So, we’ve taken a peek behind the scenes of the snack world, revealing a complex web connecting sweet and salty snack-loving customers, creative retailers, and the unsung heroes – wholesalers. The stories of 7-Eleven, Costco, and Target highlight how a good relationship with the right distributor can transform a simple bag of chips into a thriving business.

But wholesalers do more than just keep shelves full. They’re the ones who keep tabs on the latest trends, handpick exciting new flavors, and make sure everything is priced just right. They’re the ones who give retailers the heads up about the next hit candy bar, the must-have seasonal snack, or the latest cracker that’ll have everyone rushing to the store.

In the end, this team effort works out well for everyone. Customers get an almost endless array of snack choices, retailers keep their doors open and their tills ringing, and wholesalers? They’re the ones making sure the snack craze never ends.

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