Surprising Food Trends Retailers Need to Know

Girl Doing Shopping in a convenience store

The global pandemic has changed the way that many people shop for everything from online yoga classes to groceries. Even once the pandemic has been put in check or potentially eliminated, a majority of consumers state they will continue to use online shopping, curbside pickup, and local delivery services going forward.

This is important for food retailers to understand and embrace. Knowing the trends that consumers are following and catering to their needs is the best way to not only keep your store open, but profitable. Here are some of the trends that have arisen since COVID-19 has come into play and what independent store owners can do to capitalize on them.

Online shopping

Consumers who are sheltering-in-place have come to enjoy the freedom of being able to shop for necessities (and other goods and services) without leaving the comfort or protection of their homes. If they haven’t done so already, food retailers need to revamp their websites to provide a full list of the products they offer, a way to pay for purchases online, and a mechanism to get those purchases to their customers.

Pickup and delivery

Hand-in-hand with online shopping comes an increase in demand for curbside pickup or home delivery options. If you don’t offer one or both types of delivery mechanisms, you’ll be inviting a large portion of your consumer base to shop elsewhere.

Local support

Consumers understand that the pandemic has been economically difficult for many individuals and businesses. They are showing their support by shopping at local, independently owned businesses to keep their local economies strong. Small business owners need to remind their customers they are there to serve their needs and appreciate the local support. This can be done through email campaigns, in-store signage, and/or mailing options such as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from your local post office.

Atlantic Dominion Distributors understands the needs of small, independently owned food retail establishments. We’ll continue to monitor trends to watch for the latest products consumers are craving, and we’re pleased to offer next-day delivery to our clients, so they can keep their shelves stocked and their customers happy at all times.