Top FAQs about Wholesale Food Distributors

Asking questions to Wholesale Food Distributor

As a wholesale food distributor, Atlantic Dominion Distributors has received a number of inquiries about our services. This blog is aimed at answering some of the top questions we receive and help you understand what to expect from your food distribution company. 

Most FAQs Wholesale Food Distributors Receive

The grocery distributor that you choose can have a big impact on your business. That is why it is important to ask questions before choosing your distributor. In order to help you be more successful, the team at Atlantic Dominion Distributors has compiled a list of the top questions we receive from potential customers. 

Do you carry this product?

This question is an absolute must ask when choosing a distributor. In order to meet the demands of your customers, you need to be able to provide them with the products they expect at your store. Whether you are a grocery store, a convenience store, or a wholesale market, your customers expect specific products on your shelves. To meet their demands, you need to partner with a distributor that sells the products you need. 

Do you offer delivery or pickup?

In addition to meeting your supply needs, is the distributor you have in mind able to meet your delivery/pickup needs. Scheduling deliveries of pickups is an important aspect of your business, so make sure you find a distributor that offers delivery/pickup services that align with your schedule.

Do you offer a rebate program?

In many cases, grocery distributors and others are able to offer a rebate or credit program. In addition to partnering with the manufacturers, these distributors have access to various rebate offerings that save you money. Similarly, some distributors offer credit programs that allow you to pay off your invoice in a single transaction or spread them out over multiple payments.

Do you have a minimum/maximum order quantity?

Some distributors only cater to certain business sizes. In order to serve all of their customers, they may have a maximum order size that can limit your inventory. This can be difficult for some larger stores that need a considerable amount of certain products. On the other hand, some distributors require a minimum order size. This ensures that they are meeting their bottom line but it can be too much for smaller convenience stores that do not need as much inventory.

What does pricing look like?

Just like you, wholesale distributors need to increase their prices in order to make a profit. So, while it can be tempting to find the cheapest wholesale food distributor, it can also mean you are sacrificing quality. Certain staple products will likely be similarly priced across vendors, but take an honest look at your budget in order to determine what you can swing. In addition, ask about bulk orders and pricing. Some distributors will offer discounts on bulk orders which can save you money.

What additional services do you offer?

Finding the right distributor can mean the difference between a quality partnership and an unfortunate parting. In addition, some food distribution companies offer additional services such as vending services, one-on-one help with inventory, and more. Look at the services the distributor offers to their existing customers. Do they take the time to address issues in deliveries? Do they offer a single point of contact? Are their customers satisfied or are they upset? 

Can I order online?

Technologically advanced ordering processes are incredibly beneficial. However, not very many distributors offer easy, online ordering. If this is something that is important to you, make sure that you select a distributor that aligns with your needs. This can save you time and decrease the likelihood of inventory problems in the future.

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