Top Salty & Sweet Snack Trends in the Wholesale Market Right Now

Top Salty & Sweet Snack Trends in the Wholesale Market Right Now

The war between sweet and savory is a long-standing feud, aiming to crown an ultimate victor: the salty chip or the sugary dessert. 

Within the wholesale market is where the battle happens, constantly creating new, delicious snacks for every palette. Because as consumers’ tastes and lifestyles evolve, so too do the trends that shape the industry. Wholesale snacks distributors and businesses seeking market triumph should achieve but one objective: appeal to the sweet-tooth and salty-lover.

Trends That Craft a Tasty Experience


One of the most prominent trends in the wholesale snack market is the explosion of flavor innovation. Consumers are no longer content with traditional flavors; they seek excitement and novelty in every bite. This trend has given rise to a wave of creative and unconventional flavor combinations (think pickle chips or Kraft macaroni and cheese ice cream). 

In a less extreme example, salty snacks are embracing the power of truffle, sriracha, and barbecue with a twist. On the sweet side, snacks are taking inspiration from global cuisines, infusing exotic spices, and experimenting with unexpected pairings like chili and chocolate. This trend not only satiates adventurous taste buds but also opens doors for manufacturers and distributors to stand out with unique offerings.


But before you chew and swallow that information, we’ll leave you more to digest: good packaging is just as important as flavor. 

Especially in 2023, when the climate clock states we have a mere five years left to limit global warming, we’ve become more environment-conscious about how we make, transport, purchase, consume, and discard our products (and food). This involves sustainability. By making and supporting snacks that use clean labels, ingredient transparency, and sustainable packaging, we work towards a better planet.

Direct-to-Consumer Delivery

Though not exclusive to salty and sweet snacks, direct-to-consumer (DTC) delivery has significantly impacted the wholesale industry. In a post-pandemic world, consumers have increasingly embraced the convenience of ordering their favorite treats from the comfort of their homes. This shift aligns seamlessly with the allure of indulging in salty and sweet snacks that give instant gratification and comfort. Simply said, the change has given people the ability to fulfill their salty and sweet cravings, whenever they want.

And the statistics don’t lie; DTC e-commerce has seen a massive jump from 76.57 billion sales in 2019 to 155.69 billion sales in 2022. This year alone is projected to hit 182.62 billion in sales while 2024 dips over the 200s at 212.9 billion. From 2019 to 2024, that’s a 178.9% increase.

DTC delivery offers a unique advantage to snack suppliers, as it enables them to directly engage with their target audience, gather valuable feedback, and tailor their offerings to match evolving preferences. By partnering with DTC platforms, wholesalers can expand their market reach and create personalized shopping experiences that resonate with snack enthusiasts—those who crave both convenience and the delightful fusion of salty and sweet flavors.

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