Why Transparency Is Important In The Food Distribution Industry

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Thanks to technology, consumers are learning more about the food they eat every day, and they want to make sure they are getting healthy options. With genetically modified organisms (GMOs) becoming more prevalent in the food chain, and considering concerns about certain pesticides, consumers are reading the labels before making purchase decisions, now more than ever. In many cases, they will even pay a premium for food items they believe are healthier for them.

Transparency, therefore, is vitally important in the food distribution industry for a number of reasons, including:

Sustainability: This has become a major keyword for consumers who want to be socially and environmentally savvy stewards of the world. Sustainability shows a consciousness for the overall health of the planet and future generations, and consumers want to be assured the products they are buying are contributing to sustainability.

Health: Consumers are becoming more in-tune with their bodies and have concerns about products that can potentially make them unhealthy in one way or another. As mentioned previously, people want products that do not contain GMOs or that were sprayed with chemicals that have been found to have adverse side effects. But even beyond that, consumers with intolerances or allergies to certain foods or additives want to make sure they steer clear of anything that could trigger an allergic reaction. Vegans and vegetarians are scanning ingredient labels to make sure they are not violating their lifestyle choices. The list goes on.

Sourcing: Local sourcing has also become a hot topic for consumers who want to support their local farmers and have an economic impact on their own communities. Local sourcing also ensures an element of freshness that consumers find appealing.

Manufacturers that embrace transparency may think it’s not worth the trouble. But smart manufacturers are listening to what consumers want and they are being rewarded with a greater market share and strengthened brand loyalty.

Atlantic Dominion Distributors knows how important this is to consumers and our convenience store clients who serve them. We have established long-term relationships with conscious manufacturers who recognize these kinds of trends and react appropriately to them. We’re ready to supply you with the products your customers are looking for.